Proc se snizuje PR stranek, i kdyz je obsah stale stejny

From: Martin Kup / DIGIDY / (
Date: 14. 04. 2003, 02:07 CEST

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    Ve foru jsem se docetl
    zajimavou uvahu, proc se muze snizovat PR:
    A general decrease across the board normally reflects that Google has
    crawl a large chunk of new web pages. 
    PageRank calculated across the mass of pages Google has index or the
    Internet Universe as Google know it. 
    As such... if new links are not consistently added to your site at the
    rate Google's Universe grows a decreasing trend will be the norm. 
    Local causes... also affect this -- a good link that you had previously
    may have been down (server outage) at the time of the crawl, a previous
    linker removed the link, your own site was down and a few dozen other
    Keynote: if ranks stayed the same or increased -- nothing to worry
    about... everyone else in your competitive area decreased as well. If
    decreased in ranks -- look local for the cause.
    Martin Kup

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