Re: Overture SiteMatch

From: Robert Nemec <rob_list (zavinac)>
Date: 02. 03. 2004, 19:25 CET
>co si o tom myslite?

No, na druhe strane prohlasuji: "We were finding that a lot of content is
inaccessible, and we wanted to be able to access the 'hidden' Web," says
Chris Bolte, VP-strategic alliances, Overture, who is heading the effort for
Yahoo! Search.

- i kdyz se to asi bude tykat nekomercni casti webu. Viz

Take tam pisi: "The company says the paid listings will not rank higher in
its results than they otherwise would."

Cesti podnikatele si to mozna jeste neuvedomili, ale byt ve vyhledavaci, to
je vysada. Pres vyhledavace chodi stale vice lidi a stale vice lidi cini sva
rozhodnuti na netu (viz posledni Touchpoints II), takze proc nezpoplatnit
"zahrnuti do vysledku". Viz Zlate stranky.

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