Re: existuje nejaka doporucena hustota klicovych slov na strance?

From: David Brhel <dbrhel (zavinac)>
Date: 15. 10. 2004, 15:22 CEST
> V souvislosti s tímto dotazem, bych se taky rád zeptal, ale na obsah
> meta - keywords. Je nějaký doporučený počet slov v tagu meta keywords

dle software WebCEO (optimizace kodu):
<TITLE> tag

1. Your Title tag is too long! At the moment it is 175 characters long. If
its length is more than 75 characters, the extra characters will be cut and
your listings may not have an attractive look in search engine results.

2. Your Title tag has too many words! We recommend that your Title should
have 5 to 8 words instead of 21 words it has now. If possible, remove some
less important words from your Title to meet the above cap and enjoy higher

3. Your Title tag has stop words! These words are so common that search
engines don't take them into consideration: "and, on, a, the, for, to". By
using a stop word in your Title tag, you potentially damage your rankings.
The rule of thumb: If you can use less stop words in the Title tag - do it.

4. Your keyword is not present in the Title tag! It should appear one time
while it doesn't appear at all. Put the keyword into your Title tag or
you'll have a frail chance to rank high.

5. Your keyword is not so close to the beginning of the Title tag as it
should be! Its prominence is only 0.0% while it should be at least 62%. If
possible, move your keyword closer to the beginning of your Title to
emphasize its importance and greatly improve prominence.

pro meta keywordsn je myslim max pocet slov 30, AFAIK velka cast vyhledavacu
keywords zcela ignoruje..

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