je zmena url cloaking(neco spatneho)?

From: David Brhel <dbrhel (zavinac)>
Date: 01. 12. 2004, 10:39 CET

pokud uzivatelum bez cookies naserviruju stranku s odkazama obsahujici 
sessionID a vsem ostatnim (vcetne identifikovanym SE) normalne, je na 
tom neco spatneho?

"..Web servers are stateless, each page requested is served 
independently, but all of the pages viewed in a single visit to the 
website are logically grouped together in a session. Much effort has 
been expended on devising reliable methods for this process of 
"sessionizing" web logs (Spiliopoulou et al., 2003). We completely 
bypassed the issue by having the application server (where the 
application logic is executed) log the clickstreams and sessions, rather 
than the web server. The architecture uses cookies to track sessions, 
and if cookies are not available, it rewrites the URL for each hyperlink 
to keep track of the session for the visitor (ensuring that the next 
click belongs to the same session)..."

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