Re[2]: Indexuje Google odkazy v Javascripte?

From: Radim Smicka <radim (zavinac)>
Date: 08. 12. 2004, 16:39 CET
>> > kdyz uz tak takhle: document.write('<a h'+"ref="./ex" + "ample">odkaz</a>');
>> > anebo totlne paranoicky:
>> > x1="ample";
>> > document.write('<a h'+'ref="./ex"+x1>odkaz</a>');
>> >
>> Teda mate skusenosti s tym, ze Google precita aj jednoduche JS

DPIc> nemam

>> alebo je
>> to skor priprava buducna?

DPIc> to skor ;)

Google zvladne nasledovat linky v jednoduchych Javascriptech. Davno
znama a dokonce potvrzena vec. Coz takhle pouzit nekdy ten vyhledavac
jak se menuje, Google :).

We don't penalize for JavaScript, but we might not being able to crawl a site as deeply.

Some things to consider:
- you might want to simplify your JavaScript.
Google can often extract urls from JavaScript,
but I can believe that doing utterly weird stuff might mess things up.

Radim Smicka
Received on Wed, 8 Dec 2004 16:39:35 +0100

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