jeste k seo analytice... urchin 6.2

From: David Brhel <dbrhel (zavinac)>
Date: 22. 02. 2005, 23:09 CET
toto je popis novych vlastnosti v urchin 6.2, ktere vam snad daji nejakou predstavu o tom, 
ze a podobne ceske vymysly jsou o nekolik urovni nize nez napriklad toto.. 
sice drazsi, ale bez porasdny analytiky ani z tech malejch webu neudelate nic velkyho..

pokud by jste k tomu chteli jeste neco vysvetlit, staci rict..

     * Lifetime Campaign Value reporting allows you identify the campaigns that are 
producing repeat buyers, so you can increase ad spend intelligently
     * Expanded Cross Segment Performance controls allow you to segment visitors by city, 
language, campaign, and 17 other factors on the fly
     * New map overlay feature for GeoTracking
     * Administrative power has increased to allow On Demand customers to add/delete users 
and to add/modify/delete filters, conversion goals, conversion goal values, and defined 
     * We have also added a new Goal Wizard which allows you to set goals and conversion 
funnel steps while browsing your site

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