Re: Roboti, hlavicky a presmerovani

From: Jan Brasna <discuss (zavinac)>
Date: 07. 01. 2006, 20:39 CET
> která obsahovala meta refresh, nakopíroval obsah stránky, na kterou
> refresh ukazoval. Občas tak vznikaly některé podivné stavy.

Ekvivalent "302 Hijacking"

> Jak to Google dělá dnes, jsem ale už dlouho nezjišťoval. :

"That could happen when the url was a 302 redirect to and we decided to show a result from Since 
then, we’ve changed our heuristics to make showing the source url for 
302 redirects much more rare. We are moving to a framework for handling 
redirects in which we will almost always show the destination url. [...] 
Based on our analysis, we will show the source url for a 302 redirect 
less than half a percent of the time (basically, when we have strong 
reason to think the source url is correct)."

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