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From: Martin Kopta <martin.kopta (zavinac)>
Date: 20. 01. 2006, 23:45 CET
---> Bonsoir,

>     nicméně už tvrdím, že 500 ms čekání už je doba, kterou většina 
> uživatelů zaznamená a s takovým webem se jim pracuje hůře než s jiným, 

s puvodnim dotazem uz to nesouvisi, ale mozna by pro nekoho mohly byt 
zajimave odkazy, ktere jsem si daval dokupy pri priprave skoleni 

---> Worth the Wait?
(Zkuste web.archive.org)

   >> The first number, 200 milliseconds -- a mere 0.2 seconds --
      forms the mental boundary between events that seem to happen
      together and those that appear merely as echoes of each other.
      If a computer program responds less than 200 ms after the user's
      actions, it will seem fluid and responsive. Any more than 200 ms
      and the computer will seem frustratingly sluggish. <<

--->  How Long is Too Long to Wait for a Website to Load?

   >> Lostness was not affected by the longer delay conditions.
      Users were frustrated by the 30 and 60 second delays in page
      loading time, but would tolerate the 20 second delays.
      The longer the wait for pages to load, the greater the
      frustration, which could lead users to quit the task
      or try another site to find information. <<

---> Acceptable Computer Response Times

   >> Slow computer response times:
        1. may reduce the amount of work that users can do,
        2. probably have little practical effect on errors, and
        3. can be frustrating.
      As users interact more with a website their frustration
      with downloading delays seems to accumulate. <<

---> Feedback:Response Times

   >>  0.1 second: System is reacting immediately. (Mouse click,
       keypress, moving or mouse, moving of objects, resizing, ...)
       1.0 second: User notices the delay, but flow of thought
       stays unaffected. (Application startup, ...)
       10 seconds: Maximum limit to keep the user's attention
       on the application. (Tasks that require more extensive
       processing, e.g. manipulation of large images, etc.) <<

---> Response Times: The Three Important Limits
(Klasicka nielsenovina. :-))

A pak je tu takova klasika, kterou bych rad cetl, ale nevim, jak ji sehnat:

--->  R. Miller, "Response Time in Man-Computer Conversational 
Transactions", AFIPS Conference Proceedings of the Fall Joint Computer 
Conference 33, Part 1 (1968), pp. 267­277.

(Mel bych zacit blogovat misto otravovani v konferencich, ja vim. ;-))

   Pekny vikend

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