Google Sitemaps - Upřednostňovaná doména

From: Erik Webr <conf (zavinac)>
Date: 17. 08. 2006, 04:42 CEST
Zdravím, nehledě na to, že Google sitemaps se přejmenovalo na Google
Webmaster Tools, jsem objevil funkci Upřednostňovaná doména (Preferdd

viz text:

If and point to the same site, you can
tell us here how you want URLs to display in our index.l

[radio button] Display URLs as (for both and

[radio button] Display URLs as (for both and

[radio button] Don't set an association.

Note: Once you specify your preference here, it may take some time for
changes to be reflected in our index. While Google doesn't guarantee
that we'll show your URLs in the form that you prefer, we will use
your choice as a suggestion to improve our indexing.

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