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Date: 29. 10. 2006, 18:44 CET
Existuji nejaka cerstva spolehliva data o relativnim podilu fulltextovych 
vyhledavacu na ceskem trhu?

Teoreticky muzeme pomerovat pocet prichozich na web, k jehoz logum nebo 
udajum z Google Analytics mame pristup -- data jsou vsak ovlivnena tim, do 
jake miry je dany web optimalizovan pro jednotlive vyhledavace. V extremnim 
pripada muzete mit web, na ktery vede hodne odkazu ze sveta a zadny z 
ceskych stranek, Google mu tedy prideli slusny PageRank, ale S-Rank/JyxoRank 
zustava na nule.

Dalsi metodou muze byt udaj o tom, jaky reach dosahuji jednotlive ceske 
portaly dle sluzby a jake procento pripada na jejich fulltexty 
(opet dle Sluzba Alexa vsak neni povazovana za prilis 
duveryhodnou -- vzorek lidi, kteri pouzivaji tollbar Alexy, neni povazovan 
za reprezentativni.

Teroreticky by mely pomoci udaje z auditu -- ale na verejne dostupny audit jsem tedy jeste nenarazil...


Jsem rad, ze aspon existuji udaje o pruzkumu podilu mezi anglicky hovoricimi 

* Google: 43.7%
* Yahoo: 28.8%
* MSN: 12.8%
comScore Media Metrix Search Engine Ratings
By Danny Sullivan, Editor-In-Chief
August 21, 2006

The comScore Media Metrix qSearch service measures search-specific traffic 
on the internet. qSearch data is gathered by monitoring the web activities 
of 1.5 million English-speakers worldwide (1 million in the United States) 
via proxy metering.

Proxy metering allows comScore to see exactly how those within its panel 
have surfed the web. From this data, the company then extracts activity 
that's considered to be specifically search-related.

Below are figures about searching from qSearch figures released to the 

Share Of Searches: July 2006

The pie chart below shows the percentage of searches done by US web surfers 
at home, work and at universities in July 2006 that were performed at a 
particular web site or a network of web sites:

The qSearch figures are search-specific but not necessarily web-search 
specific. For example, a search performed at Yahoo Sports would count toward 
Yahoo's overall total. Also note that some companies own more than one web 
site. This means searches at different sites may be combined into one 
overall figure for the company's entire network. Here's a rundown with more 
details about this:

    * Google: Shows searches at any Google-owned web site such as 
or Google Image Search.

    * Yahoo: Shows searches at any Yahoo-owned web site including those of 
AltaVista, AllTheWeb and Overture. May show searches at some Google partners 
that show Google's domain in the URLs of their search results, as happens 

    * MSN: Shows searches at any MSN-operated web site such as MSN Search.

    * AOL: Shows searches at any Time Warner-owned web site, including AOL 
Search and Netscape Search.

    * Ask: Shows searches at Ask and any site within the Ask-owned Excite 
Network, including Excite, iWon, and My Web Search.

    * Other: Shows searches that occur at other search sites.

Share Of Searches Trend

The chart below shows how the share of searches has changed over the past 
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